Grapevine genetics and breeding: BREEDVITIS

Group members: 
Cristina Menéndez Menéndez: 
Professor and researcher, University of La Rioja
María del Mar Hernández Álamos: 
Professor and researcher, University of La Rioja
María García Pastor: 
Carolina Castillo Río: 

Research interests:

Our group focuses in two research lines: the study of agronomic and enological traits relevant for grapevine breeding and the interaction grapevine-fungal populations, specifically filamentous fungi and powdery mildew.

On the first line, our work is aimed to analyze the genetic determinants of agronomic parameters such as phenology, productivity and berry quality and enological traits related to polyphenolic content of berries and seeds. The main objective is to identify candidate genes for specific traits in the grapevine genome by using DNA markers, genetic mapping and QTL analysis. The ultimate goal is the selection of genotypes with better adaptation to climate change in collaboration with breeding nurseries.

The group is also involved in the study of fungal biodiversity on the grapevine ecosystem. Our interest has been focused on understanding the relationships between powdery mildew and its host; in order to do so, different populations of the pathogen at the morphological, physiological and genetic levels have been analyzed. This knowledge can be applied to the development of programs to control this disease with less dependence on chemical treatments.


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