VITISAD Project partners meet in La Rioja and Navarra on September 8 and 9

Within the framework of the INTERREG POCTEFA Program, the General Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock of the Government of La Rioja and researchers from the VitisGESTION Research Group of the ICVV, participate in the VITISAD project (, which analyzes different agronomic techniques for mitigating the effects of the climate crisis, in which viticulture is also immersed. Likewise, another fundamental objective is to encourage the collaboration of the sector and its commitment to these objectives.

In this context, a meeting of the project partners (ICVV, EVENA, NEIKER, from the Spanish side, and the IFV and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Atlantic Pyrenees from the French side) took place on September 8 and 9, to know in situ the progress of the experiments that are being carried out in each area. At the ICVV, an exhibition of its structure and objectives was organized on September 8, and a visit to its facilities at La Grajera. The second day, partners had the opportunity to learn about the studies carried out with clones of Tempranillo and Graciano at the Valdegón fields, taking into account the duration of the cycle and their agronomic characteristics. This action is in addition to trials of plant covers and irrigation with cultivar Tempranillo as well as cluster shading with the Graciano variety, in order to alleviate the effects of heat stroke and the creation of a more favorable microclimate at the plant and bunch. Participation of the ICVV within the VITISAD project also includes the collaboration of six wineries of the D. O. Ca. Rioja in which demonstration plots have been established vegetal covers and bunch shading.

The meeting was completed with a visit to experiments designed to estimate soil losses due to erosion in vineyards on the slopes of Rioja Alavesa, coordinated by NEIKER, and EVENA's experimental proposals at Olite (Navarra) (plant covers, bunch shading, ancient varieties recovery and fertilization trials). Throughout the visit, different videos were recorded to promote the dissemination of the project results.