Interactions of grapevine with the biological environment (Biovitis)

Group members: 
David Gramaje Pérez: 
Researcher “Ramón y Cajal”
Marcos Andrés Sodupe: 
Postgraduate fellow FPI
Rebeca Bujanda: 
Technical assistant CSIC
Beatriz López Manzanares: 
Postdoctoral fellow CSIC
Sonia Ojeda: 
Postdoctoral fellow CSIC


The research lines carried out by our group are:

- The study of the grapevine microbiome by using next-generation sequencing technologies and its interaction with GTD pathogens

- Genetic diversity and population structure of GTD pathogens

- Development of rapid and reliable methodology to identify sources of resistance to GTD pathogens.

- Taxonomy of the genera Phaeoacremonium and Cadophora

- Evaluation of epidemiological models to predict powdery mildew infection in vineyards in La Rioja region



Recent publications:

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