Research areas

The scientific activity performed at ICCV is organized in two main areas: Viticulture and Oenology.

Each of them includes both basic research as well as technological and innovative activities.

Viticultural area
  • Genetics and genomics. Plant material and genetic resources. Genetic diversity of the grapevines and related species. Cultivar and clone genetic improvement.
  • Biology of grape production and interaction with the physical environment. Ecophysiology. Reproductive biology and berry ripening. Grape quality.
  • Grapevine interactions with the biological environment. Pathogens, pests and symbionts. Crop protection.
  • Viticulture production systems. Cultivation techniques. Relationship between viticulture and environment. Production systems. Precision viticulture.
Oenologic area
  • Microbiology and Wine Biotechnology. Genomics, genetic diversity, selection and improvement of microorganisms. Biology and control of fermentation processes. Detection and prevention of microbiological alterations. Enzyme biotechnology.
  • Wine chemistry and analysis. Chemical evolution of grapes and wine components. Development of analytical methodologies. Molecular bases of sensory analysis.
  • Wine technology and engineering. New technologies concerning wine production, ageing and stabilization. Sensors and process control. Management and assessment of viticulture sub-products.
  • Wine and health. Healthy wine components. Food safety.
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Oenologic Department:

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