IN-Vid: Agroecological Innovation in the vineyards

Group members: 
Raquel Campos-Herrera: 
Tenured Scientific CSIC
Rubén Blanco-Pérez: 
PhD Student FPI-CAR
Ignacio Vicente-Díez: 
PhD student FPI-UR
Elisabet Vaquero: 
Research Assistant
Mariá del Mar González Trujillo: 
Elizabeth Carpentero: 
Erasmus Mundus Master Universidad de Padova (Italia)
Collaborator researchers: 
Vicente Santiago Marco-Mancebón : 
Universidad de La Rioja (España)
Ignacio Pérez-Moreno : 
Universidad de La Rioja (España)
Victoria Pastor: 
Universidad Jaime I (España)
Xoaquín Moreira: 
Misión Biológica de Galicia, CSIC (España)
José A. Rodríguez Martín: 
INIA (España)
Larry W. Duncan: 
University of Florida (FL, E.E.U.U.)
Ted C.J. Turlings: 
Université de Neuchâtel (Suiza)
Geoffrey Jaffuel: 
Université de Neuchâtel (Suiza)
Vladimir Půža : 
SEZNAM (República Checa)
Lidia Dionisio: 
Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)

The In-Vid group (IN-Vid, http: // is an official research group of the CSIC (ref. 886222) whose long-term challenge is to reduce dependence on traditional agrochemicals in pest control, with special emphasis on the vineyard, focusing on two specific challenges (i) developing pest control bio-tools, and (ii) understanding how agronomic management impacts agroecosystems to identify the most sustainable actions.


            On the one hand, new non-chemical alternatives are sought for the management of vine pests with low environmental impact based on the application of entomopathogenic nematodes or secondary metabolites produced by their symbiotic bacteria that allow the provision of new management tools for three key arthropods in the vineyard: Lobesia botrana, Tetranychus urticae and Philaenus spumarius (vector of Xylella fastidiosa).

            On the other hand, promoting a high functional biodiversity is key to the sustainability of viticulture. Soil nematodes are an excellent model group for their evaluation since they form complex trophic networks, which allows estimating maturity indices and state of degradation of the agrosystem. However, this information is scarce and almost null if it is considered in relation to the control of pests/pathogens, or in crop improvements. In this context, In-Vid is providing new indicators of the impact of management on the beneficial fauna of the vineyard in several studies that investigate, for example, the impact of the presence of plant covers, or the effect of pest management (ecological versus integrated).


Featured Publications from IN-Vid


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