New Viticulture Techniques (i+vid)

Group members: 
Fernando Martínez de Toda Fernández: 
Catedrático de Viticultura. Universidad de La Rioja
Collaborator researchers: 
Wei Zheng: 
Jesús García Martín: 
Estudiante de Máster
Pedro Balda Manzanos: 
Juan Carlos Sancha González: 
Reserach lines:

1.- New methods of estimation and control of grape quality

2.- New techniques in relation to climatic change
2.1.- Delayed grape ripeness techniques
2.2.- Decreased alcohol level wine techniques

3.- New techniques in relation to el material vegetal
3.1.- Grape vine biodiversity resources
3.2.- “New” minority grape varieties

4.- New techniques to decrease production costs

Highlighted Publications:

ZHENG, W., DEL GALDO, V., GARCÍA, J., BALDA, P., MARTÍNEZ DE TODA, F. (2016) Minimal Pruning as a Tool to Delay Fruit Maturity and to Improve Berry Composition Under Climate Change. Am, J. Enol. Vitic. (in press)

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