Survey of Diaporthe (= Phomopsis) causing grapevine disease in Europe

Species of Diaporthe (former name Phomopsis) are considered important plant pathogens, saprobes, and endophytes on a wide range of plant hosts. Several species are well-known on grapevines, either as agents of pre- or post-harvest infections, including Phomopsis cane and leaf spot, cane bleaching, swelling arm and trunk cankers. In this study, a researcher of the ICVV in collaboration with researchers from other institutions explored the occurrence, diversity and pathogenicity of Diaporthe spp. associated with Vitis vinifera in major grape production areas of Europe, focusing on nurseries and vineyards. Nine Diaporthe species were associated with trunk disease symptoms, with different levels of pathogenicity. The present study improves our understanding of the species associated with several disease symptoms on V. vinifera plants, and provides useful information for effective disease management.


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