Chemical and microbiological management of oenological processes (GESVIN)

Group members: 
Pilar Santamaría Aquilué: 
Investigadora (SIV)
Rosa López Martín: 
Investigadora (SIV)
Ana Rosa Gutiérrez Viguera: 
Profesora TU de la UR de La Rioja
Juana Martínez García: 
Investigadora (SIV)
Isabel López Alfaro: 
Contratada interina de la UR de La Rioja
Lucía González Arenzana: 
Contrato predoctoral (INIA)
Laura Alti Palacios: 
Contrato predoctoral (INIA)
Rosario González Santamaría: 
Beca de formación (SIV)
Rocío Escribano Viana: 
Beca de formación (SIV)
Sara García Vadillo: 
Beca de formación (SIV)
Patrocinio Garijo Fernández: 
Técnico de laboratorio (SIV)
Laura Santamaría Díaz: 
Técnico de laboratorio (SIV)
Víctor Llop Santamaría: 
Contrato de Técnico Especialista (SIV)
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Research area

The group activity is framed within the following research lines:

Optimization of the aromatic, polyphenolic and tasting wine quality based on agronomic and biotechnological factors.

Analysis of chemical and technological alternatives to the sulphite employment in oenology.

Study of the microbiota from natural oenological environments (vineyard and winery) and selection of interesting microorganism

Evaluation of the agronomic and oenological potential of different white grape varieties

Study of the wine ageing in wood barrels and evaluation of alternative techniques



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