Research Services


Service Manager
Miguel Ángel Fernández Recio
CSIC R&D&I Technician
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PTA Technitian
Cristrina Moreta Sanchez
CSIC Higher graduate
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Support technitian
Roxana Mihalache
CSIC Internship Technician
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Funciones principales

- Analytical services to ICVV and external researchers.

- Advice on the different available analytical techniques.

- Centralized laboratory and analytical equipment maintenance.

- Cryogenic and compressed gases management.

- Dangerous wastes management.

- Purified water management.


Currently available equipment:



Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC (ultra high pressure liquid chromatography) with photodiode array detector (DAD), coupled to an atmospheric pressure ionization source (ESI and APCI) ABSciex 3200QTRAP® triple quadrupole/ion trap mass spectrometer.

Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC (ultra high pressure liquid chromatography) with photodiode array detector (DAD).
Shimadzu Prominence UFLC (ultra fast liquid chromatography) with fluorescence detector (FD), refraction index detector (RID) and evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD).
Agilent 7890 gas chromatograph, with SSL and PTV injectors, including a thermal desorption system, coupled to an Agilent 7000C triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Gerstel MPS automatized sample injection system (SPME, liquids, Headspace, Twister).
Gilson semipreparative HPLC chromatograph with photodiode array detector (DAD) and Gilson GX271 automatized fraction injection/collection auto sampler.
Gilson GX271 automatized solid phase extraction system.
Available services

- Qualitative analysis of complex mixtures by means of chromatographic separation (LC and GC). Detectors: DAD and mass spectrometer (MS, MS2 and MS3).

- Offered provisions:

  • • Polyphenol LC analysis (anthocyanins, phenolic acids, flavonols, flavanols, stilbenes, lignans)
  • • Aminoacids and amines LC analysis
  • • Volatile compounds  GC analysis (acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds)
  • • Short chain fatty acids (SCFA) GC analysis

- Handling of different matrixes: vegetable samples (fermented product, juice, pulp, skin, seed), biological samples (urine, faeces)
- Development of chromatographic methods.
- Technical advice and training of the ICVV internal users at GC-MS, SemiPrep-HPLC, SPE, UHPLC-DAD and HPLC-FD-RID-LSD.
- The comprehensive provision catalogue and fees for ICVV and CSIC institutes internal users are located in CSIC institutes personnel Intranet (Catálogo de prestaciones del CSIC)
- The available provisions and fees for external users will be provided by contacting with Instrumental Analysis Service (on-line Catalogue on build)
- On-line analysis application form (on build).