MicroWineLab: Wine yeasts metabolism, genetics, and biotechnology

Group members: 
Ramón González García: 
Profesor de Investigación del CSIC
Pilar Morales Calvo: 
Científico Titular del CSIC
Cristina Juez Ojeda: 
Ayudante de Investigación de OPIs (CSIC)
Laura López Berges: 
Técnica contratada
Ana Mencher Beltrán: 
Investigadora en formación (FPI)
Andrea Martín: 
Investigadora en formación (Gobierno Autónomo de La Rioja)
Wine yeasts metabolism, genetics, and biotechnology (Microwine)
Summary of the research activity

We are interested in yeast biology, both of the genus Saccharomyces and of alternative genera, paying attention to the most relevant aspects for their biotechnological use, mainly in oenological biotechnology.

Most of the group's activity in recent years is organised around two main lines of research. The study of the interactions between different yeast species (especially starter cultures) during alcoholic fermentation, and the development of systems to reduce the alcohol content of wines through the use of various tools derived from systems biology.

In the first line we have managed to show some "direct" interactions between yeast species, and we are also exploring, in a pioneering way, the involvement of extracellular vesicles produced by oenological yeasts in these interactions. Regarding the reduction of alcohol levels, we are exploring both the respiratory metabolism of yeasts, as well as other alternatives, and both "native" yeasts and experimental developments in the laboratory, as a "friendly" genetic improvement tool compatible with the immediate industrial application of the strains developed.

In collaboration with enterprises, we also use the experimental evolution in the laboratory (ALE), to achieve other objectives of improvement of features of interest in oenological yeasts.

Direct links to all the publications of RGG (In peer reviewed journals)

Most recent relevant publications

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